How to Keep Your Dog Calm During Thunderstorms























Summer is filled with blue sky, the sunshine and hot sizzling weather to enjoy.
But, it also brings along thunderstorms that can be quite scary to most dogs. If
you have ever left your dog alone during a thunderstorm and came home to a
disaster, your dog experienced stress during a storm. The details below will
provide you with tips on how to keep your dog calm during thunderstorms.


Calm Down – Yes. To put it nicely, you need to calm down. Your pup is wired
with the ability to sense storms and changes in barometric pressure. This means
your pup might start acting up before you even realize a storm is on the way. Try
to learn your dog’s behavior so you can begin calming him or her down before the
storm arrives. Dog’s also have the ability to sense your mood and emotions, this is
the reason you need to remain calm.


Provide a Den-Like Area – Dogs are den animals that feel safe in this type of
environment. Create a small area in your home that allows your dog to go running
for cover when the storm arrives. Provide a soft blanket and some toys for added
comfort. Chances are your dog will rush to their den as soon as they feel
uncomfortable from the approaching storm.


Invest in Thunder Vests – There are a variety of products on the market
geared towards comforting dogs during thunderstorms. Thunder vests are a
common choice for most pet parents. The snug-fitting vest helps encourage
calmness in dogs.


Early Exposure – Begin getting your pup comfortable around thunderstorms
as soon as you bring him or her home. Since it doesn’t rain all year round you
could invest in some environmental recordings of storms. Your pup will get used
to hearing the loud noise and assume it is a natural part of their new


Be a Good Example – Some dog owners are also fearful of thunderstorms and
lightning. Let’s face it, almost everyone at some point in their life has jumped or
screamed when a sudden lightning bolt and thunderclap hit close to the area. Try
your best to set a good example. Teach your dog a routine when the storm hits.
Show him or her that it is safe to eat, drink water and relax on the sofa during


Distract Your Dog – Some dog owners find that distracting your dog during
thunderstorms works great! If you have surround sound on your television or
stereo you can crank up a movie or music to cover the loud sounds from the
thunderstorm. In addition, you can play toys or games with your dog to keep him
or she entertained.

Since dogs can “feel” a thunderstorm approaching it is difficult to keep them calm
from the beginning. Observing your dog’s behavior right before a storm
approaches is essential to begin the calming process. If you leave your dog home
alone while you go to work or run errands, allow your dog to have access to his or
her den and put their thunder vest on them before you leave the house. Every
dog is different so it might take a few different tactics to calm your dog during
storms. But never give up, keep trying!

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