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Can White Shepherds Be Service Dogs?

White Shepherds, also known as the Berger Blanc Suisse breed, are known for their intelligence, loyalty, loving temperaments and ability to perform tasks. This combination of characteristics makes White Shepherds the perfect option for service duties. Their keen sense and superior skills allow them to make a difference among patients and military personnel throughout the United States.

Therapy Duties

Patients in hospitals and nursing homes enjoy visiting with service dogs. Some dog owners make it a priority to train their own dogs to have the credentials to become therapy dogs. Allowing a sweet-natured, loving dog to help heal others is a gift. Berger Blanc Suisse dogs are excellent at comforting others.

Soldiers who return from duty are often diagnosed with PTSD. Research has proven that service dogs, such as White Shepherds are essential to the healing process of the mind and therefore have a positive effect on the body and soul as well.

Guide Dogs

White Shepherds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for guide dogs within the United States and beyond. They are highly intelligent and provide stable guidance to those in need. White Shepherds that work as guide dogs are able to allow their characteristics to shine through as they perform specific tasks and remain loyal guides and companions to the user.

You most likely have seen a variety of stories on television about the positive impact a service dog has on military personnel specifically. Soldiers who return from war often have a difficult time adjusting back to civilization. They have frequent memories and flashbacks of their experience in the war. In addition, they deal with a variety of other traumas caused by their experience in the war zone.

Soldiers generally go through a long healing process to help them navigate through memories and experiences that cause PTSD. Some soldiers have a difficult time talking about issues, especially at the beginning of their therapy program. This is a specific area where White Shepherd therapy dogs come in handy.

Dogs don’t have to speak to communicate. They find other ways to communicate with those comfort owners. If you have ever looked into the soulful eyes of a Berger Blanc Suisse, you will understand exactly the level of deep communication and empathy expressed.

Military personnel with PTSD often find therapy dogs to be helpful because they can communicate with them without discussing it verbally. This process allows soldiers to become emotionally comforted by therapy dogs. It also allows soldiers to communicate in a new way that helps their healing process.

The use of therapy dogs has increased due to the alarming diagnosis of PTSD in military personnel. While doctors scramble to find solutions to the issue, therapy dogs, such as White Shepherds are providing comfort, love, attention, companionship and loyalty to those suffering from PTSD.

White Shepherds can definitely work successfully as service dogs, especially in the therapy field. If you suffer from PTSD or other emotional issues, you should consider a therapy dog. Surrounding yourself with a beautiful snow-white Berger Blanc Suisse dog that is loyal, friendly and loving will surely help improve your life.

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