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Top 5 Super Foods for Dogs

When it comes to our fur babies we want to go above and beyond to take care of their health. If you are feeding kibble, sometimes we worry about the ingredients and contents of processed foods. Keeping a dog can be an expensive venture, especially when it comes to everything they need. Pet food, vet bills and more.

So it is understandable that we may go for a cheaper brand when it comes to dog food. However, it stands true that the cheaper the product, the cheaper the ingredients, including meat from other dead animals, ugh! Or we may decide to go all out and buy the best brand name dog food on the market. However recently the dark underbelly of this has been revealed. Not many of us truly know what our dog’s nutritional needs are, and we can’t always trust the brands we buy from the vet either.

But, there is a way we can keep a more watchful eye on our fur baby’s nutrition by going back to basics. Whole foods! Some of the things we keep in our fridges and cupboards already are good for our dogs. So together you and your pup can go on a super healthy power food diet together!

1. Carrots – Did your mother ever tell you to eat your carrots because it will help you see in the dark? It stands true! This orange mega food will help your pooch fight off cataracts and is a super healthy snack when he is tripping you up with the munchies. It will also fill them up more than a traditional treat.

2. Blueberries – A wonderful sweet treat filled to the brim with antioxidants, both good for you and your pup. You can also get creative, fancy sharing a smoothie with your furry baby?

3. Natural peanut butter – Who does not like peanut butter? Full of the good fats that we want for our pups. It also supports our pooches cardiovascular system so he can run circles around us, and it's packed full of protein to keep him nice and healthy.

4. Kefir – Quite an unusual one but a true under rated black horse. Its pro-biotic magic is out of this world. It will help fight all those allergies so your pooch can

continue scurrying around outdoors without sneezing. Also, as your fur baby gets older it will help support their joints.

5. Oily fish – To keep our pooches gorgeous locks shiny and healthy. Allow those omega-3 fatty acids to work their magic and sky rocket your pup’s immune system. Due to oily fish having fewer calories than traditional red meat, it is a good option if your pup is looking on the curvy side and could do with losing a few pounds. There has also been some research to show that oily fish can help control allergies also.

Now that you know there are super foods sitting in your kitchen that will benefit your pup's life, start implementing them into his diet today!

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