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How to Make Raw Dog Food

Trying to avoid the pitfalls of the dog food world can be a minefield. While we spend a small fortune buying the most expensive dog food trying to keep our fur babies healthy, we could be potentially doing more harm than good. What is the answer? Going back to basics, raw whole foods. The food our pup was genetically designed to eat.

But like us, a dog can get bored on the same food every day, and by switching it up we can create maximum nutritional impact. Some of these foods include turkey, venison, lamb, chicken, wild game, and duck. Offal is also a nice addition, but very rich so use it sparingly.

Also, we want to make sure our pooch is getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet. But as they are not able to break down the nutrients we need to do a little preparation. By slightly steaming or chopping them finely we can ensure maximum absorption.

Apples, bananas, blueberries, and melons are an excellent and nutritional bomb of awesomeness for your fur ball. But, if all that still sounds a little bland and plain. Try to add some real flavor with plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and kelp.

We are being healthy here! So, we don’t want to go over the top and overload our pups. We need to take into consideration whether we are dealing with a German Shepherd or a tea cup Chihuahua. The rule of thumb is that a dog will eat a smidgeon over 2% of their weight. To get just the right balance and not upset our fur baby’s tummy we need to get the right ratio: 25% vegetables and fruit to around 75% meat.

Mix it up, your ball of fluff will be quick to point out what they like and do not like. Plus, you can get some serious piece of mind knowing that you can monitor and know exactly what you are feeding your beloved dog. No more wondering what has been mixed into their kibble, what horrors lie within it are slowly poisoning them. If you want to go the extra mile and have a little bit of money to put into it; you can source all your food. Buying meat from a quality butcher, buying free range eggs from a neighbor who has grass fed chickens.

This way you can go the extra mile to ensure that none of the food you are offering your dog is injected with hormones, antibiotics and that they come from reliable sources. This might be considered expensive, but think how much you are saving monthly on dog food. All that delicious fruit and vegetables you can buy from farmers markets, or even better, grow yourself. Then you know it is all natural and organic and saves you money too! Don't forget, a whole chicken can be broken up and frozen and used for many different meals. Don't hesitate, start your dog on the path to good health with a raw food diet.

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