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Raw Food Diet for Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

In the past pet parents were taught to purchase a bag of commercial dog and treats without asking any questions. Everyone just assumed what was on the shelves at the store was perfect for every dog. Today, we have learned that many of the ingredients in the commercial dog food (kibble and canned) available today is not exactly healthy for our dogs. This means our dogs can experience allergies or digestive issues due to the dog food they consume once or twice a day.

The raw food diet is becoming an increasingly popular choice for pet parents. It allows your dog to eat a similar diet that his or her ancestors did in the wild. Plus, it provides protein, minerals, vitamins and more.

If you are not familiar with the raw food diet for dogs, you surely have questions. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions pet parents ask about the diet and the answers that explain it all.

What are the benefits of feeding my dog a raw food diet?

Benefits include improvement of the coat and skin, dental hygiene, muscle tone, organ condition, and behavior.

How much raw food do I feed my dog?

A dog with an active lifestyle needs to be fed at least 3% of his body weight. Generally, red meat is recommended more than white meat.

What do I feed my dog?

Complete RAW Diet consisting of meat, organs and bones.

Will a raw food diet make my dog aggressive?

No. Studies show that dogs actually become calm and emotionally well-balanced when eating the raw food diet. Kibble and other commercial dog foods contain sugar, chemicals and other ingredients that are mood altering.

Can I mix raw food and dry dog food together?

No. The digestion process for kibble and Raw is different. Mixing the two can cause bloat. I would not recommend mixing. When you transition from kibble to Raw there is a process to ensure the kibble is out before the raw goes in.

Can I afford the raw food diet for my dog?

Generally, you will be feeding your dog raw red meat. This can be purchased in any grocery store. If you have a small sized dog a package or two from the grocery store will most likely fit your budget fine. However, if you have a large sized dog purchasing the red meat from Costco or similar style store is recommended. You can get a large amount of meat for a good price.

The raw food diet is natural for your dog and is the natural way dogs should eat. Their ancestry stems back thousands of years and this is how they survived. It wasn’t until dogs became domesticated that they started eating differently. A raw food diet for your dog is healthy and provides all of the nutritional value they need to be strong, and healthy throughout their entire body.

Start feeding your dog the raw food diet today!

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