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What Causes Dog Snoring?

Is your dog keeping you awake all night with their loud snoring? This might have been cute when they were a puppy, but now they are an adult and the snoring is much louder. Snoring in dogs occurs when nasal passageways or the throat are restricted from air movement. If your dog snores and you can’t figure out why consider the reasons listed below.

Sleeping on their back – Does your dog like to sleep on his or her back? The cause of the snoring can simply be the sleeping position that causes the tongue to partially block some of the passageways.

Allergies – Dogs get allergies just the same as humans. They experience watery eyes and stuffy noses. Common allergies include perfume, pollen, and dust. A stuffy nose effects a dog the same as a person. Have you ever tried to sleep while having a stuffy nose? Chances are you snored also. Your dog is experiencing the same thing. The snoring should go away once the allergy is treated.

Obesity – According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of the dogs in the United States are estimated to be overweight or obese. If your dog is overweight chances are the extra tissue located in his throat is causing blockage to the airways. Obesity can also cause the trachea to close or collapse during sleep. Feeding your dog a healthy diet and maintaining his or her weight will help prevent snoring.

Dental problems – An infected tooth can swell and spread through your dog’s body causing other issues. But, a growth in the sinus area or oral cavity can lead to snoring.

Medications – If your dog is taking medication such as muscle relaxants, painkillers or tranquilizers the muscles located in the throat can become loose and cause snoring.

Secondhand smoke – Pet owners who expose their dogs to secondhand smoke are risking their pet’s life as well as their own. Inhaling second-hand smoke can lead to respiratory issues in your dog such as bronchitis, asthma, and snoring.

Obstruction – Berger Blanc Suisse dogs love to play outdoors and explore their world. Picking up a twig or stick to play fetch or use as a chewing toy are common habits. Unfortunately, sometimes small pieces of tree bark, pine cones or twigs get lodged in a dog’s nose or throat causing blockage of the airways which leads to snoring. If your dog has never snored before and suddenly starts, check their nose and throat for debris and contact a veterinarian for further assistance.

As a pet parent, snoring doesn’t seem like a big deal if your dog has done it their entire life. But, when your dog gradually starts snoring and it continues to get louder without any obvious reason, you should contact a veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will check the passageway to see if there is anything restricting it or not. Then they will determine the cause of the snoring and offer any treatment that will help with the issue if available.

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