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5 Reasons Why Pet Parents Are Switching to Raw Origins Pet Food

5 Reasons Why Pet Parents Are Switching to Raw Origins Pet Food

In the wild, dogs naturally hunt and eat their prey. There’s no kibble, wet dog food, or pet parents around to cook dinner. This means they eat raw meat and they survive just fine. In fact, raw meat is their main source of protein and it helps repair tissue, build muscles, maintain high energy levels, clean teeth, and produce healthy skin and shiny coats. Raw Origins takes your dog back to their wild roots and satisfies their nutritional needs to the max. Here are 5 important reasons pet parents are switching to Raw Origins Pet Food.

1. Contains 100% Beef

Raw Origins was founded by Marilyn, a top-level dog breeder of Shepherds in the United States. She is so passionate about her pups that she spent thousands of hours finding the optimal formula that creates a healthy balanced diet for your pets. You can feel confident that the #1 ingredient is 100% raw beef that is naturally sourced. In addition, the proprietary blend focuses on overall optimal wellness.

2. It’s Easy to Feed to Your Dog

When pet parents hear about a raw food diet they think hacking up raw meat is all their going to do. If you don’t like dealing with a bloody mess, Raw Origins is what you need! It contains simple ingredients that you thaw then place directly in your dog’s food bowl. This hassle-free raw dog food gives pet parents the opportunity to feed their dog a natural raw diet without all the preparation and handling of meat.

3. Perfect for all Stages of Life

Raw Origins is designed to provide optimal health benefits to pets in all life stages. This means you don’t need to worry about changing your dog’s food throughout their lifetime. Your pup will grow up with the diet throughout their entire lifetime. Even your senior dog will thrive as they enjoy this nutritious option.

4. No Nasties

Veterinarians have reported more dogs developing food allergies due to the ingredients found in commercial dry dog food. With Raw Origins you don’t need to worry because there’s no grain, fillers, chemicals, or toxins. Say goodbye to food allergies and hello to a happy healthy dog that is filled with energy.

5. Dog’s Love It

Chances are you have tried several different commercial kibble and wet dog foods that your dog just doesn’t like to eat. If you have a picky eater, Raw Origins will satisfy your dog’s desire for meat in a variety of ways such as the texture of the flesh, flavor, and optimal health benefits it produces. Raw Origins will satisfy your dog’s natural instincts and keep them coming back for more.

As a pet parent, who is new to feeding a raw diet to your dog you might feel a bit nervous. The good news is, you can toss your fears aside because Raw Origins features transparent labeling, high-quality raw food ingredients and it’s made in the USA with sustainably sourced ingredients.

If you are looking for an easy way to feed your dog a raw diet without getting your hands dirty, check out Raw Origins at today!


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