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Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies for Sale

Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies for Sale

Are you ready to welcome the cutest white snowball of a puppy into your life? If you are single or have a house full of family and children, the Berger Blanc Suisse dog breed is an excellent choice as a pet and new member of your family. Their kind disposition, playful attitude, and loyalty make them a well sought-after breed.

Berger Blanc Suisse and White German Shepherd Confusion

It’s easy to confuse the BBS with the White German Shepherd, but they are actually two separate breeds. The BBS is smaller and has a slightly different build. The Berger Blanc Suisse breed is gradually gaining popularity in the United States. And with only a few breeders in the country, your choices are limited.

Avoiding Puppy Mills

Now that you know how exquisite the Berger Blanc Suisse breed is, you surely want to welcome one into your family. The key to finding the pup that is truly meant for you is to avoid puppy mills. These places are obvious to most visitors and don’t really care who adopts them, as long as they have the right amount of money. A reputable breeder will always put you through an adoption process that will reveal you're true intentions for adopting a pup. Trustworthy breeders care who adopts their pups, while puppy mills will hand a pup over easily to anyone who is interested.

Finding Top Notch Breeders

Since there are only a few breeders of the Berger Blanc Suisse breed in the United States, you want to find the one that is top notch. Guardian German Shepherd & Berger Blanc Suisse US earned their #1 breeder status through their dedication to breeding the best of the best.

The parents are carefully chosen and bred to produce the best Berger Blanc Suisse pup’s in the world, not just the country. The pups are born into a serene environment and the sound of Mozart music playing in the background. They are handled with loving care and kindness. A pup couldn’t ask for anything further. But, wait! They do get even more, such as a specially formulated raw diet and supplements that provide essential vitamins and nutrients to assure the pups are the healthiest they can be.

The breeders also take their devotion to the breed to the next level by creating an adoption process that places their pups in the right families. They are not shy about refusing potential pet parents that show signs of potentially harming the dog.

The breeders also go above and beyond by preparing new pet parents for their journey. Pet parents are also encouraged to contact the breeders at any time during the pup’s life for assistance or to find answers to any questions.

Surely this breeder might sound too good to be true, but they are absolutely the best! You can see for yourself by reading their 5-star reviews on Facebook and visit their site at

If you are looking for Berger Blanc Suisse puppies for sale, you need to contact the best!


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