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Dogs are Designed to Hunt and Eat Wild Prey

As you look at your precious dog relaxing on the soft couch and chewing on their favorite toy you would never believe they are designed to hunt, kill and eat prey. Now the vision of your dog hunting might surprise you but this natural instinct is a survival skill they can’t live without!

If you go wake your dog up right now and tell them to go hunt for food, they probably won’t know what you are talking about because they are domesticated and are used to being served their meals in a bowl.

However, the natural hunting instinct still lives on in their DNA, and in an emergency, it will kick in when they need to survive. This is how many lost dogs survive for weeks and when they return home they are still in great shape.

Since your dog is now pampered it doesn’t mean their body can survive on kibble. Your dog needs to stick to their natural diet of raw meat because that’s what they would eat when they catch their prey.

Let’s get serious, you aren’t going to go hunting in the wild for your dog’s food, but the good news is has done the job for you! They have created a complete raw diet so your dog can eat the food they were designed to consume and live a healthy life.

Keep reading to find out more!

How do Dogs Hunt in the Wild?

In a dog’s natural environment they hunt mostly at dawn or dusk. They use their superior senses of smell, sight, and hearing to seek out their prey. They remain silent as they approach their target and attack, kill and eat their prey.

What do Dogs Eat in the Wild?

Dogs are carnivores and seek out prey depending on what area of the country they live in but the following prey are the most common.

  • Rabbits

  • Mice

  • Birds

  • Insects

  • Possums

  • Zebras

  • Antelopes

  • Warthogs

  • Gazelles

  • Lambs

  • Cows

Raw Origins is 100% beef, rich in calcium, perfectly blended for optimal nutrition, and doesn’t contain toxins, fillers, grain, or chemicals. All you need to do is thaw and serve it to your dog in their bowl.

Reasons You Should Not Feed Your Dog Kibble

Kibble is a convenient way to provide your dog with food that you don’t need to worry about preparing. However, even the kibble with the best organic ingredients still is not good enough to meet your dog’s nutritional needs because it is not raw.

Here are reasons you shouldn’t feed your dog kibble:

  • One cup of kibble dog food needs more than four cups of water added to achieve the level of moisture found in prey.

  • Kibble contains highly processed ingredients

  • Kibble goes rancid quickly

  • Most kibbles contain chemicals and colors

  • Kibble contains high starch carbohydrate content

  • Some kibble contains diseased animal material and meat ingredients sourced from animals that were not slaughtered

  • Increases the risk of your dog consuming harmful bacteria

Once you learn how unhealthy kibble is for your dog you will be surprised to learn the FDA approves of dog food manufacturers using diseased animals because they put it through a high heat process that is designed to kill bacteria, but it doesn’t kill all bacteria.

As a busy dog owner, you probably don’t have time to shop and prepare a raw food diet for your dog. However, in your heart, you now know a raw diet is the best option for your dog to eat the way their body was designed.

This is why Raw origins did the work for you and did extensive research to find the perfect raw diet for dogs. All you need to do is thaw it and serve it! You don’t even get your hands dirty!

Are you ready to feed your dog a raw diet the easy way?

Order Raw Origins at today!


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