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Top 10 Raw Dog Food Benefits for Berger Blanc Suisse

Now that kibble dry dog food has been exposed for what it really is, pet parents are searching for a healthy diet for their pets.

The raw food diet for dogs such as is the option dog owners trust the most! It’s 100% raw dog food that you store in the freezer, thaw, and serve. So, what are the benefits of feeding your dog a 100% raw beef diet with no toxins, chemicals, fillers, or grain?

Keep reading to find out!

1. It’s a Dogs Natural Diet

Dogs are carnivores and live and thrive on eating raw meat. When dogs live in the wild they hunt for their food and eat it raw. The texture of the meat cleans their teeth, gives them fresh breath, and maintains healthy gums. The raw meat is filled with vitamins and nutrients that are essential to maintaining overall good health.

2. No Mystery Ingredients

Kibble is filled with filler and mystery ingredients. Did you know the FDA approves of dog food manufacturers using diseased meat in kibble dog food? This is one of the main reasons pet parents no longer give their dogs kibble. The good news is a raw diet provides 100% meat with no toxins, fillers, chemicals, or diseased meat.

3. Supports Immune Health

Dogs are confronted with germs every day. Just going for a walk in your neighborhood exposes them to bacteria and germs that their paws touch and spread throughout the house. Your dog needs a strong immune system to fight off the germs and a raw food diet supports the immune system.

4. Supports a Healthy Digestive System

High-quality raw diets prevent digestive issues from arising and maintain a healthy tract.

5. Healthy Teeth and Gums

As mentioned earlier, chewing on raw meat provides overall good oral health including teeth and gums. In addition, since a raw diet doesn’t contain carbohydrates or filler ingredients there is no residue to stick to teeth and cause cavities or bath breath.

6. Prevents Obesity

Some dogs crave nutrition and overeat kibble food which leads to weight gain and obesity. A raw diet provides the protein and nutrients your dog needs to maintain a healthy weight throughout their lifetime.

7. Easy to Serve Your Dog

Some pet owners shy away from feeding their dogs a raw diet because they imagine they will be chopping raw meat all day just to feed their pets. However, feeding your dog is easier than ever with The food is kept in your freezer, thawed, and served to your dog. You don’t even get your hands dirty and it’s quick and convenient.

8. You Save Money

Kibble dog food causes many health issues including food allergies, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and more. Treatment for these illnesses can be long-term and overwhelm you with expensive veterinarian bills. Serving your dog a raw diet helps your dog maintain overall good health and doesn’t cause any serious diseases or illnesses.

9. Healthy Coat and Skin

When dogs consume a raw diet it provides them with the nutrients their bodies crave for optimal health. This means you will see the positive results displayed in a shiny coat, healthy skin, and nails.

10. Your Dog Loves the Flavor

Watching your dog chow down on raw meat might seem overwhelming to watch at first but when you realize this is the way they are meant to eat and survive, you will notice they love the taste and are happy to eat every meal.

Now that you know the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet are you ready to get started?

Change your dog’s life today and check out today!


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