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Puppy Academy Berger Blanc Suisse US
Classical Training and Puppy Imprinting

Beginning at seven weeks old, the puppies are separated from their littermates to begin learning basic behavior and living skills.  We use lots of positive reinforcement, the environment is a 3-Week Board and Train using Private Lessons.  Your puppy will graduate at 10 weeks.  You will get a DVD mailed to you, so you will be learning while your puppy is learning, which keeps the training congruent. The DVD that you receive, if followed, can take your puppy as far as you want to go with your puppy, including scent detection, agility, protection, advanced obedience, etc. While you're learning, you will receive weekly videos on the progress of your puppy.

Training will continue when you get home.  We are always here to help you with the training at home as you continue getting better and better with your puppy. We created our Puppy Academy Classical Training and Puppy Imprinting program so our parents get ahead of the curve for training.  The imprinting stays with the puppies. Your Puppy will transition so much easier and when the puppy graduates from Puppy Academy you will continue at home training. The trainer will train the puppy multiple times per day for sessions lasting approximately 5-15 minutes with breaks in between as needed.  The length of training required depends on the dog(s)’ capability to learn and their prior experiences. 

Obedience training generally requires two to three weeks but may be shorter or longer in some cases.  Three weeks is preferred for best results.  Training done multiple times per day on a per session basis does not have a specific time frame for completion. Puppy Obedience Training and Imprinting allows your puppy to spend 3 weeks on our campus in our Puppy Academy in Crawfordville, Florida. This is the time for the imprinting of your puppy in all facets of obedience dog training, including but limited to Potty training, Crate Training, Marking and Luring, Sit, Down, Climb, Free, Recall and Loose Walk on Leash.  Our focus is to build confidence, socialize with good manners using markers, rewards, and corrections while instilling mostly positive reinforcement. 


While your Puppy is with us, your puppy will have a conceptual understanding and great head start on all the skills listed above. However, every puppy is unique and all puppies have a short attention span just like young children! For instance, your puppy will learn basic potty training while with us, but exposure to a new home with new surfaces may create initial confusion for the puppy, so you’ll have to reinforce what he has learned at our Puppy Academy. Our goal is that your puppy will understand the concepts and the meaning of commands so that he will respond well to your continuous education when home with you.  This is another reason why we invite you to watch the DVD so there is continuity.


Summary of skills/activities we teach at our Puppy Academy

3-Week Board and Train

Private Lessons

Starts at 7 weeks of age

Graduates at 10 weeks of age

Learns 80% of the commands 

  •  - Come when called

  •  - Walk on Leash

  •  - Sit

  •  - Down

  •  - Not to jump on people

  •  - Climb (where puppy stays until released - distance will get longer and longer)

  •  - Daily playtime in our puppy play area, including pool and swimming

  •  - Crate training

  •  - Potty training

  •  - Socialization with other dogs

  •  - Learned to be groomed and washed


Client Responsibilities. 

  • The client understands and agrees that it is critical for him/her to cooperate fully in watching the DVD. 

  • The client will be educated by watching the DVD.  

  • The client understands that what your puppy learns here at Puppy Academy, you will need to continue and advance when he arrives to you.  

  • The client will receive videos and/or pictures at least weekly so you can see the progress your puppy is making as well as answer any questions you may have from watching the DVD. 

  • The client is responsible for maintaining his/her dog training practices at home, pursuant to the Trainer’s instruction.  

  • The client's puppy will get potty trained, crate trained and will learn basic obedience skills such as: walk on a leash, come, sit, down, and wait.  

  • We teach the pups a number of things they should not do including but not limited to biting hands, feet or clothes and or jumping up on people. 

  • During the course of obedience training, the client's pup will also learn to be groomed and washed.

  • This training is giving the client's puppy the basic knowledge and skills to enjoy a well rounded confident puppy and companion.


Thank you for choosing Puppy Academy for your new puppy and we wish you many years of enjoyment with your new family member!

Barry Abraham

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