Holistic dog breeding might sound scary to pet owners that aren’t familiar with it, but it’s a philosophy that involves dogs conforming to a natural way of living. Holistic breeders avoid unnatural supplements, commercial dog food and stay away from vaccines.

Society has grilled spaying and neutering dogs into the minds of pet owners for decades. There's even a popular daytime game show host who ends every episode saying “spay and neuter your dog to help keep the population under control.”

This topic has experienced backlash...

Somewhere along the line as a pet parent, you might have heard that rawhide chews are good for your dog's teeth and help with their natural instinct to chew. While it might help with your dog's teeth it can also lead to punctured intestines, digestive problems,...

While veterinarians will continue to fight for what is right for animals, pet owners are seeking alternative ways to treat their dogs by visiting holistic veterinarians that provide natural and effective ways to help keep their dog healthy throughout their lifetime. We...

Cancer in dogs increased by use of chemical pesticides. Studies linking lawn chemicals to canine cancer show the dangers of pesticides for dog owners.

The fall season starts the busiest time of year for travel. Travel confidently with these tips from the top breeders of Berger Blanc Suisse US!

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences all the wonderfulness of the fall season, chances are your pup does too! Crisp air, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice everything, even dog treats, are on the agenda for the season. But, unfortunately, there ar...

Dogs have proven to be the most loyal creatures on earth. Dog owners often share meaningful stories about their dog saving their life or protecting them from danger. Dogs are also known for emotionall

y comforting their owner during difficult times in life. These kind,...

Basics of caring for your Berger Blanc Suisse Puppy - Easier than you think.

What is that smell? Does your dog’s breath smell bad? Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is usually a result of bacteria that has built-up in your dog’s mouth, gut or lungs. It could be a sign of poor dental hygiene, or issues in the liver, kidneys and gastrointestin...

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