How To Transition Your Dog to a Raw Diet















So that’s it, the decision made! Your fur baby will no longer be
subjected to toxins, left over road kill and gosh knows what is in dog
food these days. You are going to put your precious pooch on a diet
that is jam packed full of vitamins and is nutritionally balanced and
designed just for them.


Right… where to start?  The feeling of being crushingly overwhelmed
rolls over you. Google produces millions and billions of results that
contradict the next. What now? How are you going to transition your
adorable pup onto a new and healthy diet from a lifetime of kibble and
processed dog food?


Are you ready to throw out the desecrated processed dog food and
introduce the new diet bomb right away? Or will this be the slow and
easy does it approach?


You will need to take into consideration your fur baby’s health. Are they
in peak condition already? Do they suffer from digestive issues? If their
tummy is sensitive than a full speed ahead approach may not be wise.


Dogs can be just like humans when it comes to a new diet. We jump in
head first, fully motivated… then spend the next day handcuffed to the
toilet. This is due to the extreme change in diet and the same can be
said for dogs. Their digestive system has just had a new shock, and of
course, we think…oh wow! I bet it was the meat, germs, bacteria! We
go racing to the vet when really there is no need. It is to be expected
that your pups digestion may protest to the change of diet. It's because
they have been so used to all the processed food for so long, it doesn’t
know where to start with whole foods.


If you are concerned that your dog’s digestion will not be pleased with
the transition; start with a yummy treat approach. Offer raw food as a

treat and monitor the “outcome”. If their digestive system doesn’t
seem to react too badly then replace one of their meals with raw whole
foods and continue to monitor.


You should always take into consideration the health and age of your
dog. Senior dogs, dogs with digestive issues and picky eaters could be a
little bit more difficult to transition. If your pup is a picky eater you may
have the same result as trying to feed something new to a toddler. So
by slightly cooking the meat first it may be more palatable for them and
ease them into the process.


The benefits of a rich whole food, raw diet for your pup outweighs that
of processed dog foods
. By providing a raw diet for your pup, you are
allowing their insides to flourish, encouraging the correct pH, boosting
the immune system which results in a lower the risk of disease and
cancer. If your precious pooch was out in the wild, what would they be
eating naturally? What would their instincts tell them to eat? What are
they genetically designed to eat? The raw diet is your pup's natural diet
when in the wild. Get started feeding your dog a raw diet today!


Check out another one of our blog posts on How to Make Raw Dog Food!

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