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How to Puppy Proof Your Home for Your White Shepherd Pup

White Shepherd pups are the cutest little fur balls you will ever see. Their adorable facial expressions and personality will warm your heart and fill your home with love and joy. However, these mischievous little pups love to explore their surroundings, including your home and yard. Remember, these dogs are super smart. This means you need to puppy proof your home before your pup gains access to toxic or dangerous items.

Remove Small Objects – Surely you take pride in decorating your home, but your pup is going to force you to make some changes. The best way to remove dangerous small objects that can lead to choking is to crawl around on the floor as if you were a pup. As you crawl around remove any small objects that can fit into your pup’s mouth. You want to get on their level.

Cover the Outlets – Electric outlets can be dangerous and deadly to pups. Puppies explore their world with their nose, mouth, and tongue. Your little furball might find the power outlet or wires interesting and begin to lick or chew on it. This can lead to electrical shock and injury. To avoid this from happening place plastic covers in all electrical outlets that are not being used. Also, hide extension cords and other wires that your pup can easily reach.

Remove Toxic Plants – Unfortunately, dogs are allergic to a wide variety of plants. Common house plants include Tulips, Daffodils, and Azaleas. Your yard and garden also have extensive toxic plants. You can find the long list of toxic plants online. If you are an avid gardener, you won’t have to give up your hobby just yet. You can replace all of the plants with puppy safe plants, bushes, trees and flowers.

Adapt to New Eating Habits – This tip might sound a bit out of the ordinary, but it is essential to the safety of your pup. Human food such as chocolate, raisins, garlic, avocados, grapes, and coffee is dangerous and toxic to dogs. The changes you need to make are the way you eat these items. You might enjoy relaxing on the sofa with a cup of coffee and your favorite chocolate bar, but you need to make sure your pup doesn’t have access to it. That means you need to keep a close eye on your coffee cup and make sure you place it out of reach. Your pup can consume your entire cup of coffee while you leave the room for just one minute.

Hide the Cleaning Products – Cleaning products have labels warning of poison and toxins for humans. The same goes for your pup. Your pup will think all of those bottles of cleaning products are fun toys. They can break the plastic with their teeth and some pups will even learn to open the top and consume the liquid. Prevent this by placing all cleaning products on a high shelf in a closet.

As time goes forward you will realize the high intelligence of your White Shepherd. To your surprise, you will learn of your pup’s ability for getting into trouble. Puppy proof your home immediately to avoid sickness and injury. If your pup does consume a small object or toxic item contact the veterinarian immediately.

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