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What To Do With Your Pets When You Travel

The fall season starts the busiest time of year for travel. Many pet parents find themselves concerned about leaving their pets behind while they travel. Other pet parents take their pup’s along with them. If you are planning to travel over the next three months, it’s time to get a plan prepared for your furry family member. Listed below you will find a list of things you can do when it comes to pets and travel.

Take your pup with you

Pet parents often find it difficult to leave their loving pup behind while they go enjoy holiday festivities out of town. If you can’t imagine leaving your pup at home, you need to make plans to take him or her with you. This means you need to think about their travel needs, bedding, food, medication, toys and anything else your pup finds comforting.

You also need to consider the way you are going to travel. Is it by car, bus, train, or plane? Next, you need to contact the airline or travel source you chose to find out the rules and regulations related to traveling pets. Most airlines have strict guidelines to follow. Also, you need to confirm with your veterinarian that it’s safe for your pup to travel. The approval of your veterinarian is essential, especially if your pup has health issues.

Let your pup rule the house

If you decided traveling with your pup isn’t going to be a positive or healthy experience for him or her, consider leaving them at home where they can enjoy all the comforts they are used to. You can’t leave your pup completely alone, but you can hire a pet sitter to make sure your pup enjoys every moment of ruling the house on their own.

Pet sitters are available in almost every city. If you don’t have a pet sitter to hire, ask a friend or family member. This might sound unusual at first, but it tends to work out for everyone, especially your pup. You can even ask relatives that live out of town to come pet sit your pup.

Sometimes family members or friends that live away from you can’t afford a vacation, but they would certainly love to get away from their own normal day to day life. Offer them the opportunity to take care of your pup in exchange of a financial payment, gift cards and the luxury of staying in your home cost-free. You will be surprised at how many people will jump at the chance for the opportunity.

If you don’t take your pup with you or find hiring a pet sitter difficult, you always have the choice of a kennel or doggy daycare. The doggy daycare industry is becoming increasingly popular. Most daycares offer pet parents the opportunity to keep their pup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

The decision you make should always be with your pup’s best interests in mind! Enjoy your holiday travels, with or without your pup.


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