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Guide to Fall Season Hazards for Dogs

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences all the wonderfulness of the fall season, chances are your pup does too! Crisp air, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice everything, even dog treats, are on the agenda for the season. But, unfortunately, there are a few health hazards that can affect your pup.


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Be careful with those leaves!

Pups, especially large dog breeds such as the Berger Blanc Suisse, enjoy jumping around in the fallen leaves in your yard. Any dog owner that spent their weekend morning or afternoon raking up leaves only to have your pup play in them will understand a dog’s obsession with playing in the leaves. Some dogs are so excited about the leaves they try to eat them.

This is a dangerous situation since dried leaves are crisp and crunchy which can lead to a choking hazard. Not to mention, if the tree is toxic to dogs it can mean an emergency trip to the animal hospital or worse.


Help your pup get their allergies under control!

As humans that experience allergies to the environment throughout the year, we often forget that our pups have the potential to experience allergies too. The fall season is known to expose mold, skin and ragweed allergies in dogs. If your pup is snoring loudly when he or she sleeps, snorts, has watery eyes, a runny nose and sneezes frequently they can have allergies. It’s important to help your pup get their allergies under control.

Pesky Fleas!

The fall season is peak season for fleas. These pesky biters begin breeding in spring and are out in full force during the fall. For this reason, flea protection is a must. In addition, ticks are around during the season too. It’s important you protect your dog and your family from ticks. If you live near a wooded area that has deer, there is a possibility a deer tick can transmit Lyme disease to your dog or your family members. Tick prevention is essential to avoid getting this horrible disease. I prefer the all natural approach to both the fleas and the ticks. If you need help or want to know what we use here at our Kennel, please feel free to reach out to us.

Protect your pup from the cooler weather!

Image Credit Unsplash

The fall season brings much welcomed cooler weather for most of the United States. This means the sidewalks and roads are a cooler temperature as well. You might think this is important, but your pup’s paws are exposed to these conditions. Paws are sensitive and need to be protected from the elements. It’s wise to invest in outdoor pup walking shoes to prevent dry, cracked, painful paws.

The fall season also means it gets dark earlier than during the summer. This time change often causes pet parents to limit their pup’s daily walks. If you don’t like walking in the dark, try to double up on daily walks during the daylight. Cutting back on daily walks can cause your pup to build up energy and find negative ways to express it such as destroying the interior of your home.


Most of all the fall season should be enjoyed by you and your pup alike.

Enjoy the season!

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