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Fall Activities for Berger Blanc Suisse & Other Dogs

In most of the country the weather is cooling down and fall colors are slowly starting to appear on leaves throughout the city. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that experiences the fall season, there are plenty of ways you can help your pup enjoy the season too. Berger Blanc Suisse pups have plenty of energy that will make the following activities easy for them to enjoy.

Take a hike together in nature

Berger Blanc Suisse pups enjoy the outdoors. Get them out in the fresh air by taking a nature hike. Make sure to choose a trail that your pup will be able to complete on his own without you carrying him or her. For example, if your pup is full grown they will be able to endure longer hiking trails compared to young pups that require a shorter distance. Hiking is also a great way to bond with your pup no matter what age.

Visit an Apple Orchard

Most apple orchards allow dogs to visit. But, it’s always best to check with your local orchard for rules and regulations. Generally, a collar and identification tag is required in case your pup gets lost in the field. Apple picking is an activity the entire family can enjoy, including your pup.


Do you remember the day you opened the door to trick-or-treaters only to find a pup and his owner waiting for some delicious treats? Trick-or-treating with pups has become a popular fall activity for dog owners and families. It’s an excellent way to include your pup in the festivities. It’s also a great bonding experience. Remember dogs should never eat candy. Especially those with artificial sweeteners or chocolate. Both types of candy are toxic to dogs.

Weekend Trips

Now that the school season has begun, fewer people are taking vacations. But, it’s actually the perfect time of year to take short weekend trips to the country where you can enjoy some fresh air with your pup. Many hotels now accept dogs. Book a hotel in a small town and spend your weekend hiking nature trails, picking apples, searching for the best pumpkin and more.

Football Fun

Although many people are boycotting the NFL due to specific issues. Many football fans are turning to College football for sports entertainment. The fall season is packed with football games to see almost every weekend. Choose a team to cheer for and involve your pup by dressing them in a team jersey and throwing a tailgate party at home with your friends.

The most important part of activities for dogs during the fall season is the opportunity you get to create new memories with your pup. Enjoying quality time with your pup is essential to building a strong relationship and bond that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

It’s also an excellent way for families with children to experience new activities with their pup. So, enjoy the fall season and don’t forget to include your pup in the fun activities listed above.


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