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Is Heartworm Prevention Necessary for Dogs?

The discussion of heartworm medication for dogs is a serious topic among pet owners, veterinarians, and holistic veterinarians. Everyone wants to protect their dog from heartworms but the chemicals used in commercial brands are harsh and produce serious side effects that sometimes lead to death.

So, is heartworm prevention necessary for dogs? Here are natural ways you can help protect your dog from developing heartworms.

Reduce Your Dog’s Exposure to Mosquitoes

You need to do some research to find out the mosquito population in your area. Some locations have mosquitoes year long while other areas see a rise in these pests only during certain months or seasons.

You can minimize the mosquito population around your home and yard in the following ways:

  • Use natural mosquito repellent outdoors such as lemon eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, citronella, tea tree oil, lavender thyme oil, Greek catmint oil, and Neem oil. These oils can be used in candles or sprayed on outdoor surfaces when diluted with water.

  • Eliminate standing water to prevent mosquitoes from hatching.

  • Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis bacteria kills mosquito larvae. It’s sold in powder or pellet form and can be put into standing water. Once the bacteria enters the water it releases proteins that create a toxic environment for the larvae.

  • Replace damaged window and door screens.

Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

A healthy immune system helps protect your dog’s body from parasites such as heartworms. A strong immune system makes the difference in your dog’s body keeping a few heartworms in check compared to a large number of heartworms affecting your dog’s health.

Here’s how you can boost your dog’s immune system:

  • Feed your dog a raw meat diet such as This raw diet is 100% beef and provides your dog with a balanced healthy diet they would consume if they lived in the wild. In addition, it’s easy to deal with since you just have to thaw the food and serve it to your dog. You don’t even get your hands dirty!

  • Clean your dog’s toys on a regular basis with pet-friendly soap. It prevents bacteria from building up and helps maintain a healthy immune system.

  • Prevent your dog from becoming obese by limiting treats and exercising your dog daily according to their age, size, and current health status.

Avoid Pesticides and Fertilizers with Harsh Chemicals

Fertilizers and pesticides contain toxic ingredients that cause serious side effects and death. While it might keep mosquitoes far away, most commercial fertilizers and pesticides used to deter mosquitoes contain harsh ingredients that cause side effects such as vomiting, excessive drooling, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, bowel obstruction, and inflammation of the pancreas and liver.

Instead, you can use pet-friendly fertilizer options such as the following:

  • Seaweed – This nitrogen-rich seaweed can be found as a spray-on option or you can purchase it ground up.

  • Compost – This fertilizer is great for gardens and you can make your own compost to save money.

  • Grass clippings – This is one of the most cost-effective and easiest alternatives to commercial fertilizers. Leave the grass clippings on your lawn but mow your yard frequently.

Research reveals that healthy dogs with strong immune systems can tolerate and maintain good health even if they have a small number of heartworms. You can avoid vaccinating your dog with chemicals by doing your best to limit your dog’s exposure to mosquitoes by following the tips mentioned above! You can also learn more about ways to avoid Over Vaccinating your dog in our previous post.


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