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5 Tips for Living with a Dog in an Apartment (Our Breed of Choice is the Berger Blanc Suisse)

Do you live in an apartment and want to be a pet parent?

Many potential dog owners ask themselves if it could be possible for dogs and humans to co-exist in an apartment. The good news is that it’s possible and also rewarding. There are several small types of dog breeds that are great apartment dogs. But, even larger dog breeds such as the Berger Blanc Suisse can enjoy apartment living too. The following are five tips that will help you enjoy living with your dog in an apartment.

1. Make room for your pup

Acclimate your pup by setting a small area that includes their bed and toys. This area should feel cozy and safe for your pup. Remember dogs are den animals and feel their best in a den-like area. The intention of creating their own little home indoors helps them feel confident and safe in their new surroundings.

2. Provide plenty of toys for your pup

Keeping your pup entertained is essential to keeping apartment living with your pup successful. Remember dogs are intelligent (especially the Berger Blanc Suisse Breed) and need to feel entertained on a daily basis. Provide plenty of toys for your pup. Always supply your pup’s favorite type of toys and introduce some new ones as well. Toys that hold treats are extremely possible and can keep your pup busy for hours.

3. Go outdoors

Whether you live in an apartment or not, your pup is going to need exercise and fresh air. Make sure you take your dog for a walk on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes or longer. Also, schedule a visit a few days a week in an area, off the beaten path, where it would be safe where your dog can run, jump and play as if he were in his very own backyard. This tip is especially for dog owners that have large breeds that require exercise. Otherwise, their energy level can get built up and your pup will take it out on your furniture or in other unhealthy ways such as excessive barking and misbehaving. *We DO NOT recommend Dog Parks.

4. Play indoors

You might have a small apartment but you can still have fun. Pet parents with large dog breeds won’t be able to play fetch indoors, but you can play tug-of-war, hiding seeks and other fun games with your pup.

5. Hire a dog walker

These days dog walkers have become essential for busy pet parents. Some pet parents often enroll their pup in doggy daycare and pick them up after work. The same routine as you would do for a human child. If you don’t like the idea of doggy daycare. You can hire a trusted dog walker that will walk your dog while you are at work.

To live successfully with your pup in an apartment you need to set a routine. Surprisingly dogs enjoy routines. Once they do the same routine for about a week or two they become comfortable with it and expect to do the same thing every day. Create a comfortable daily routine that includes feeding time, nap time, bathroom time, play time, exercise time and socialization with other dogs. Following these tips will help guide you on your journey to apartment living with your pup.

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