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WHY....Mozart Music for our Berger Blanc Suisse Puppies

Mozart music for puppies?

This puzzling question is thought about by pet owners worldwide. Studies have revealed that classical music can help the human brain absorb more information and therefore allow the person to be highly intelligent. But, did you know classical music can also benefit a puppy?

A study was conducted by Lori Kogan, Ph.D., MS, a psychologist and associate professor at Colorado State University – College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. The study observed the effect music has on dogs. The study was performed safely on dogs in an animal shelter over a four-month time frame. Kogan exposed the dogs to different types of music, classical obviously being the most beneficial compared to heavy metal music.

The research project involved 117 dogs of different breeds all located in the same kennel and exposed to the same music at the same time. Specifically, 83 of the dogs were boarders and 34 were dachshunds who were rescued for a variety of reasons.

The dog’s vocalization, activity level, and body shaking were observed and measured during the study. The study proved that classical music, including music by Mozart, calmed the dogs and soothed their anxiety levels.

The Mozart music link to emotional and intellectual parts of the brain was introduced to humans in the 1950’s by Dr. Albert Tomatis. He used Mozart music for patients that had auditory and speech disorders. The Mozart music helped the patients improve significantly. Centuries later a study was conducted in the 1990’s at the University of California Irvine. The 36 students involved in the study listened to 10 minutes of a Mozart sonata before taking their IQ tests. The scientist in charge of the study, Dr. Gordon Shaw found the students IQ scores improved by about 8 points.

The scientific proof that Mozart music specifically helps improve intellect and emotional behavior has caused scientists to further their research and discover it also has a positive effect on dogs.

As a Berger Blanc Suisse dog breeder, we have created a phenomenal Breeder Program that includes proper exercise, diet and Mozart music. We are dedicated to providing the puppies with the best care possible from the moment they are born. This means we have Mozart music playing from the moment the puppies are born throughout their first 6 weeks of life on a 24/7 loop. The sound of the music is emotionally and intellectually stimulating.

As a pet parent, you can further your pup’s exposure to Mozart music by continuing to play it on a daily basis. It is especially helpful for when your pup is home alone. Many dog’s experience separation anxieties due to being away from you and your family. While your pup is home alone they tend to get a bit nervous sometimes. Most pups will begin to feel tired and fall to sleep while others will build their anxiety and express it in ways such as damaging furniture and anything else they have access to. It is highly recommended to leave your pup alone with comforting Mozart music to help them relax while you are away from the house for a few hours.


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